Trashed Talk Podcast

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Welcome to Trashed Talk Podcast! Listen as Austen and Travis break down a new weekly topic, be it a new movie or a series of movies, tv shows, comic books, or video games all while having a (or multiple) drinks. Join us as we dive deep into different aspects of geek culture, like covering comic book vs movie adaptions, reviews of “so bad they’re good” films, reviewing our favorite new superhero tv shows, and more!  Outside our main theme of each week, Austen and Travis break down a new comic book of the week, and game of the week at the end of the episode to give the listeners something unique to look into.

We love our interaction with our fans, and highly recommend you write to us with any show topic ideas, questions for us to debate about, or anything you would like us to read on the show.  We can be reached via our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages, or by emailing us at

About the Hosts 

An award-winning filmmaker out of Vermont, Austen is a lover of all stories from all different mediums. When he isn’t busy directing murder mystery films, he is in his room reading the newest Image comic hit, watching Firefly for the hundredth time, or stressing about the next podcast episode he is late on editing. Trashed Talk Podcast allows him to create the kind of podcast he would enjoy listening to while giving him the creative opportunity to make something that can hopefully inform listeners on awesome new games, comics, and more. Austen also is the main host of the one-shot role-playing game group The Beer and Pretzel Podcast.

No, he’s not a transformer, but he does get angry if you diss his truck, Travis is a lifelong friend of Austen and the most loyal of co-hosts. Growing up together and spending their weekends talking about movies with a beer in their hand, Austen and Travis one day decided to make a podcast and pull the audience into their crazy world. Through thick and thin, Travis will be there to trash Disney’s greed and talk about his newest anime he’s been watching.