The Safari Zone


The Safari Zone is a Pokemon podcast where everything from the games, to the anime, to the trading card game is discussed! Every week we go on many tangents and express our love for everything Pokemon from different areas of interest. We have Ash who loves everything about the video games, Maggie who is an expert on the anime and Peter who is a mix of the two!

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About the Hosts


The show’s resident Pokemon Professor (meaning I have the most useless knowledge memorized), lover of competitive battles and ardent supporter of all generations and Pokemon. Follow me on Twitter @ersatzash for ramblings not just about Pokemon, but all areas of pop culture. You can also find me writing for this site on occasion and hosting The Skyhoppers podcast on (YouTube and iTunes) and follow us on @SWSkyhoppers. I also host the Star Ships Podcasts.


I unironically love Pikachu no matter what anyone else says! The shows anime expert and while I may not be able to remember the names of every Pokemon I love them with all my heart!


My main purpose on the show is to sneak in as many puns as I possibly can and stop Ash and Maggie from killing each other. I have been in love with Pokemon since I was a kid and love the chance to talk about it every week!