Limit Break

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Limit Break

This is Limit Break! A podcast where we’re breaking the limits on gaming and anime. We’re a biweekly podcast made up of a panel of diverse hosts with a passion for discussing, watching, playing, and just being a part of the gaming and anime communities. Every other Sunday, we’ll be streaming on Twitch and producing audio on all your favorite podcast apps.

You’ll tune in to hear the latest gaming and anime news but with a lot more spice. We’re here to drive the conversations, debate our favorite topics, and create a space for EVERYONE* to join the conversation.

*Except the racists

Techniq is a host, content creator, and concept and comic artist who loves video games, anime, and comics. Growing up an only child, he had to really invent and create to keep busy. He often created expressive worlds through art and games which were then strengthened by his love for anime. 

Kate Sanchez is the EIC of the website you’re reading now, a podcaster, pop culture critic, and former scholar. When she isn’t watching and/or reading content to review for the site, she’s catching up on manga reads like Hero Academia and pretty much any yaoi title that comes in her path.

David Cherry aka DataDave is a voice actor, Twitch Partner, 2018 Twitch Ambassador, commentator, and college professor. He conducts daily live streams of video games with an interactive community over various games such as RPGs, MMOs, and fighting games. In addition to this, you can find him creating comedy sketches over various topics in gaming and anime. His future goal is to be a full-time Voice Actor and content creator.

Will Wiggins III, otherwise known as Black Oni, Black Oni is an action RPG focused streamer, heavily influenced by Black and Japanese culture. “Born, and protector of sacred land,” reflects his views of art and gaming as sacred forms of exploration & expression. As an Illustrator, designer, and content creator, he leans into his passion for telling stories through visuals and sharing his love of gaming through podcasts, game coverage, and Twitch live streams. He has led panels on branding, (including the most viewed and attended Twitch creator camp panel at Twitchcon 2018) had his designs presented to Congress, and has been highlighted in several large gaming publications. Above all, he aims to entertain, entice, and educate.

ThatCMonster is a voice actor and WebToon creator practicing and teaching techniques live on twitch! When not streaming or making amazing comics such as, No Such Thing and Auruemshe is typically found causing problems in public.