Episode 34: Missions the Matter, SideQuest

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This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Brian Truong, Executive Director of SideQuest, a charitable organization that aims to connect gamers and use their passion for nerdy things to do good. For more information how you can get involved, check out the shownotes below. We talk about the power of community engagement, meet-ups, and explore how SideQuest connects gamers to charities like Stack-Up.org and Extra Life. The full interview will be released this weekend 9/23/2017.


Reach out directly to Brian Truong for more information: brian@sidequest.org
How to Get Involved
Volunteer as a Spectre for SideQuest Community Weekend 2018 (Aug 2nd-5th, in Austin)… applications go out around March
Support future charity streams (new Twitch page coming soon!)
Make a PayPal donation through the SideQuest website
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@fidel.casserole via Instagram
Although it made not have been the first magical girl anime, it is commonly known as what started the genre. It was so huge it was translated into over 20 languages around the world and watched and loved by (mostly) little girls around the world. It had the female protagonist save her male significant other the majority of the time showing she didn’t need no man! It introduced a LGTB relationship to a young audience during the early 1990s (though some was edited out in certain regions). The creator of sailor moon, Naoko Takeuchi, went to medical school because they told her she wasn’t good enough to be a manga artist. Just to name a few…

Amanda Mrozinski via Facebook
Loved it as a kid and I love it now. There was something about each of the girls I could relate to. There still is even though it’s different now compared to then.

Kellie Waters via Facebook
I love the transformation sequences even when she would use her moon pen to transforme into a disguise. As a kid I remember when Darien broke up with Serena it was super impactful to me as a kid. Now I’m watching the viz. dub seeing how it actually went down rather than the the butchered version dic gave to us. And I love it just the same or even more! Not loving the new sailor Neptune Voice but at least her at Neptune are “cousins”. As a kid sailor Neptune and sailor Uranus were my favorite it was so obvious that they were in a relationship it just confused me why they were cousins and in a relationship…

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@MARZBLACKMON26 via Twitter
Reasons I love Spider-Man: Spider-Man has always been my favorite sueprhero becayse he is the most relatable as far as ever day life. He is always battling with real life issues whether it is high school, adulthood, or traumatic life changes. Eben through he has super powers, I have never seen him in that light, like other superheroes. I really like how Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield portrayed the character to where it feels like anyone could become or be Spider-Man. That’s why I thinnk he’s one of the most relatable superheroes

Allie Thomas via Facebook
When my brother was little , he used to dress up as spiderman whenever he was scared , because it made him feel brave just like spiderman


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David Dunlap via FB
For my family, it’s not about being recognized or getting a ton of pictures, but about doing something together and having fun. Whether it’s crafted from scratch, or purchased, or thrifted… it’s the journey to become the character for a few hours and spend that time together as a family. (Even if our cosplays are from different fandoms or eras)

Ashley Scoggins via FB
To me as a designer, cosplay is about opening up the world to not only myself but others as well. It’s about making fantasy become a reality for someone. That feeling of pure elation after a project is finished and worn… a mix of ecstasy and pride. Sort of like a fairy godmother!! Haven’t earned my wings yet but I hope to someday!

Manuel Morales-Torres via FB
To me it was a natural progression and melding of being a nerd a performer and a maker of things

Laura Stringfellow via FB
For me, it is an expression of passion through art. It also gives me an avenue for charity work.

Jessica Cochran via FB
Mostly because it’s just really, really fun. I love making costumes, even though I’m definitely not the best seamstress. I like going to thrift stores looking for materials and I love looking at pictures of other people’s cosplay online. I like it best when it’s a group project–when my whole family gets involved and we all make costumes to match. I think I’m ultimately just a bit child-like (or childish) and I never stopped loving playing dress up and pretend. So I go to costume events–cons, ren faires, theme parties–and I love every minute of it. I also like using cosplay in my aerials, as I’ve done trapeze routines as Mario and Ariel before. Taking the concept of a costume, designing it, putting it together, going to a con and being recognized by people all brings me such great joy that I always wind up beaming the whole con. It was hard to be Narcissa Malfoy because I was trying to make a dour face the whole time but I just kept smiling

I started cosplaying because I saw other people doing it. I thought it was cool and was so stunned at the craftsmanship, that I had to try to do it myself. I absolutely love the cosplay community. Everyone is so supporting, so friendly, and so helpful. It’s like being a part of an extended family. You might only see them once every other year but, when you all get back together again, you’re thick as thieves. Just with about everything you do, there are drawbacks. The obvious one is that cosplay is costly, no matter if you make the costumes yourself or you buy them. A personal drawback is the stress that it puts on you. You often make a costume for a specific convention, so it becomes a battle against time. It’s also stressful to show other people your costume. It’s scary. You made your costume by hand, put your heart into it. It’s frightening to have this piece of you potentially judged by thousands of people. Cosplay matters because it’s inclusive. It gives people hope. Seeing your favorite characters walking, talking, breathing, it inspires you. It makes you want to engender all those characteristics that endear you to that fictitious person. Just look at the people who dress up like superheroes and visit sick children.

Cory McCoy via FB
Latino Comic Con yesterday was an important reminder why it matters. Kids get to see their heroes in real life doing things that help others. To be able to see people that look like them in huge. Some kids may not have enough positive role models in their lives and that interaction can help their parents.

Cosplay matters to me because myself and so many others have used it to make real differences in our community. My first real cosplay was a reward for my nephew as I taught him how to read with comics. He really wanted to be Wolverine, but Logan needed his best friend Wade.

Seth Thistle via FB
To me it was the first time to really express myself. I got to be myself as well as another character. Without cosplay I probably wouldn’t have the friends I do today. It has helped me grow as a person and overcome so many social obstacles in my life.

Abel Mondragon via FB
I’ve always wanted to do it but I thought I lacked imagination until I met my boyfriend who supported me and cosplayed with me as well. I think it’s a blast, it’s so great to visually portray my favorite comic and anime characters, I almost exude the same manners and confidence that those characters would. It’s fun and empowering.

Jermuel Floyd via FB
I’ve always wanted to cosplay but I never knew how to sew. My mom tried teaching me once, and after 30 minutes i thought i was a pro. But after failing to make my ex a costume I thought cosplaying was not for me. But then life happened and a year later my mom taught me to sew again. This time I actually listened and learned. So i started making costumes for myself and it felt great, the creativity and challenges felt so worth it once it was all complete. Jesus, I remember wearing women’s leather tights from forever 21 NOW I can make them! It gives me confidence, and thats so important. Cosplaying is a community of amazingly supportive people who truly encourage others to succeed in all aspects of life. I know nurses, bus drivers, moms, and even government works who cosplay. It brings us together. You can’t see skin tone underneath armor, you only see the hard work they put into the costume and the amazing way they happily interact with others. I love making costumes for others and introducing them into the world of cosplay. Even though there are problems within the cosplay world(NOTHING IS PERFECT-EXCEPT BEYONCE) if more people cosplayed, maybe the world would be a little less judgmental!

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Jon Murphy:
Favorite house: Lannister. Totally not trying be contrarian but what is the name of the show? the Game of Thrones.They play the game better than anyone, particularly when Tywin was alive or when Tyrion was hand. They are cunning and totally shouldn’t ever be counted out. I am not saying they are the good guys or the ones who should win, but they are the family that knows what they are doing. the only ways that they lose is when the writers want to please the audience

Derek Syner:
Favorite character: tie between Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark
Favorite House: Stark
Hate the Most: Tie between Cersi and Ramsey Bolton (low key kinda love Cersi at the same time though so its confusing)
Whose taking the throne? Either Jon or Daenereys (Jon better ride one of those dragons since he’s half Targaryen)
Reasons I love the show: Its absolutely ruthless and pretty unpredictable. It really sucks you in and for having so many stories going at once it does an amazing job of tying them all together and really bringing things full circle. Hands down one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

Anthony De Leon:
Favorite: Lady Mormont and Sam
House: Stark
Hate: Littlefinger
Taking the throne: Jon. He doesn’t want it and I think that’s what makes him the best option. It would also be fitting since we can now assume that Sam is the one who will record this history.
Why do I love the show?
The show is so incredibly and intentionally detailed. I can go back to Season 1 and find foreshadowing that comes about in Season 6. It’s also amazing the level of detail that has gone into developing a history that is not portrayed in the show, even much earlier than Robert’s Rebellion. It’s an incredible analysis of the struggle for power and ethical leadership, of at all possible. You can analyze it philosophically, psychologically, etc. It’s the best show I’ve ever seen

Triston Jones: Favorite character: Jon Snow/Varys
House: Stark
Hate the most: I’m not sure I hate anyone anymore. Kinda hated Ellaria Sand but not that strongly.
What I love most about the show is how it expounds on the ironies of power, desire, honor, revenge, etc. It also shows how silly petty familial squabbles are to the ultimate larger picture of world building. Every single character is dynamic and complex (except the Mountain) and the scope of George’s fictional universe is mind-blowing, not even counting the books.

Color Me Dead Podcast (Angel): George RR Martin is amazing. The imagination each character, no matter how small is complex and interesting in its own way. Stories are deep and while it’s fantasy, its real and plays on every possible human emotion

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Episode 33: Scream Matters…But Why Tho?



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This week we’re back in the horror genre discussing the movie that defined 90’s horror and started its own sub-genre: Scream. We’re joined by Alex Paterno, host of What We Talk About When We Talk About and assignment editor at Frightday.com. Kate takes us through the 1996 movie by Wes Craven and then explains how a movie so symbolic of the 90’s has joined the classics. And yes, we talk about the parodies that followed this meta-horror trailblazer. Iconic, funny, and more than a little bloody, Scream matters…but why tho?

Show Notes

Want to hear more of what Alex has to say?
Follow Alex on Twitter: @MostAlwaysAlex
Listen to his podcast What We Talk About When We Talk About on iTunes, SoundCloud, etc. and drop them a follow @WWTACast and give Frightday.com a visit for all your horror needs.

Music used this episode: Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
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Crossover 3: Game of Thrones Ssn 7 Recap with Swara Salih


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The night is dark and full of spoilers. This week we break down each episode of Game of Thrones season 7 with guest co-host Swara Salih from Beltway Banthas. We give our reactions to each episode, our favorites, our pet peeves, our predictions for season 8, and unanimously agree that we need to put Bran back in the tree.

So join the conversation with us on Twitter & Facebook!

You can find Swara at:
@swarasalih1 and @BeltwayBanthas

Beltway Banthas is a Star Wars podcast about the intersection of fandom and the things that drive daily life. For hosts Stephen Kent & Swara Salih, one of those things is politics. Star Wars draws from our worlds politics just as much as it contributes to it by influencing policy makers, journalists and thought leaders.

This podcast will seek to understand how Star Wars impacts the world we live in, while also covering the Star Wars news, gossip and hype of the day.”

Music used this episode:
“Game of Thrones Main Title” – Ramin Djawadi
“The Boys of Summer” – Don Henley
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The Defenders: Spoiler Review


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This week we talk the long awaited team-up between Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist. We talk about our hopes, our thoughts, and ultimately whether this mini-series redeemed or spoiled the characters we’ve met so far.

Make sure to join the discussion on our Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think! @ButWhyThoPC

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Episode 32: The NFL Matters (pt. 2 Social Issues and Impact)…But Why Tho?


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*trigger warning, we discuss domestic violence and sexual assault in this episode*

In part 2, we talk about the social issues and impact of the NFL and its players. Kate takes us through the charitable work of the league and the fines that happen when a player attempts to use there playtime as a platform. Matt brings us through the interesting history of how the league went from having Black and Native players in the beginning to moving to a league that that needed to was forced into integration by stadium owners. We then talk about the lack of discipline in the NFL and how a “base-line” six game suspension for domestic abusers is inconsistent and almost never has an impact on the field, only for the PR of the league. Then we have a passionate discussion about “paid patriotism” and how it influences the backlash Colin Kaepernick received and other player receive now for taking a knee during the National Anthem.

Show Notes


  • If you want to see the article where we took our stats on domestic violence from, click here. They interview players and survivors and present a well-rounded explanation of the NFL and its policies in our opinion.


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Episode 32: The NFL Matters (pt.1 History, Economics, and Dynasties)…But Why Tho?

5895deb9cba9841eabab6099Listen Here | Download Here

In part 1 of 2, Matt brings us through the long history of the NFL, the teams, mergers, and how became and ultimately gave up the status of a non-profit organization. We also talk about the dynasties, how the same teams keep winning, and what it’s like love a team that hasn’t had good years since before you were born.

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