Justice League Spoiler Review



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Did Justice League save the DCEU? Can you really not save the world alone? Find out on our spoiler-filled review of Warner Brothers’ Justice League. We take you through the movie with our thoughts on what appears to be a very divisive movie among comic book fans and movie-goers.

Music Used: Come Together by Gary Clark Jr.; Icky Thump by The White Stripes
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Episode 42: The Punisher Matters…But Why Tho?


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This week we talk about why we need anti-heroes as we explore Frank Castle, The Punisher. We talk about his history, his trauma and why chaotic good is sometimes the only way to counter chaotic evil. We cover why he’s important in the Marvel universe, in the world of anti-heroes, and why veterans and active duty military connect with Frank and use his symbol. We take through his trauma, so that you can understand the violence in his world. Sometimes we need a soldier, not a Superhero.

Music used: In time by Mark Collie and War Zone by Rob Zombie
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Episode 41: Bruce Timm’s Justice League Matters…But Why Tho?


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With the Justice League movie coming out this weekend (Nov. 17th) we decided to revisit Bruce Timm’s early 2000s animated series and it’s sequel. Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited is loved by critics and fans alike and defined the League and it’s heroes for a generation of comic book and superhero fans.

Music used: Justice League intro theme, Justice League: Unlimited intro theme
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Thor: Ragnarok Spoiler Review

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We saw Thor: Ragnarok opening night, but you still have to! This episode spoils everything about the movie. We go into our takes on the cast, the music, and the fresh new dynamic that the director, Taika Waititi brought to the MCU. So, where does the third installment of the Thor series rank for us? Does this blow other comic book movies out of the water this year? Do you come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow? Find out now!

Music used:  Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin; In the Face of Evil by Magic Sword


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Episode 40: Thor Matters…But Why Tho?


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Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor! This week we channel the God of Thunder in order tell you why we think he matters in comics and beyond. Kate lead through his origin and how Marvel took a god and made him a hero all while using Norse mythology as a base. From his worthiness, and family dynamic, to the use of his solo movies by Marvel for STEM initiatives, Thor matters.

Music used: Mighty Thor opening song from 1966


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Episode 39: Halloween Matters…But Why Tho?

halloween 1f

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On Halloween night in 1978 there was a killing spree in Haddonfield, Illinois. Made on a small budget and grossing millions of dollars, John Carpenter’s Halloween cemented the path of slashers and gave rise to one of the most iconic villains: Michael Myers and all those to follow. To celebrate the Kate’s favorite holiday, she brings the guys through the history of Halloween and why it all matters, with help from returning guest Alex Paterno (host of What We Talk About When We Talk About and assignment editor at FRIGHTDAY.COM). So let’s sit back, relax, and hope their isn’t a killer in a Captain Kirk mask ominously standing behind us.


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Episode 38: Resident Evil Matters…But Why Tho?


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Happy Halloween month! 21 years, 26 games, and 6 live action movies later, the Resident Evil franchise is still holding it’s spot in video game history. Resident horror buff, Kate brings us through one of her favorite video games. She walks the guys through the games, gives us a break down of the games, and maps out the franchise’s convoluted production history. We talk about how the series put horror gaming on the map, scared the crap out of us, and evolved with time. As the largest of Capcom’s franchise, the game was able to bridge out into animation, novels, comics, and live action summer blockbusters…But why tho?

Outro Music used: The Outside [Renholder Remix] by A Perfect Circle


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Crossover 4: Selena y los Podcasters with It’s About Damn Crime


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22 years after her death, this Tejano legend is still revered, loved, and idolized, but why tho? This week Kate sat down with Justine and Brittney from the true crime podcast It’s About Damn Crime to talk about La Reina, The Mexican Madonna, The Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla Perez.

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Website | @IADCpodcast | Patreon | Facebook

Music used: “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “Tu Solo Tu” by Selena Quintanilla Perez
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@TheDopestQBeezy via Twitter
My first experience playing AC was one of amazement, i had never played a game that was so multifaceted. Between the sneaking, double air assassinations, brutal open conflict combos, amazing story, and sheer amount of history highlighted; I knew within the first 15 minutes of playing that, this was a game that no matter how many they put out, I was going to buy them. And I did, unfortunately. After AC:Black Flag the series took a dip and seemed like more of a money gran. Gone were the developed characters of Ezio, Desmond, Ratonhnake:ton, and Edward Kenway. Instead we were given boring unfulfilling characters and storylines. I wish the developers would have taken a couple years off to explore different avenues instead of cranking these games out one every year. i.e. GTA

@Flatter_You host of @Holy_StarWars via Twitter
Oh my god yes. Where to even start? Few games have so much research put into them as they do. The landscapes are amazing. The gameplay was revolutionary and continues to push the open world action/stealth genre harder and better than any franchise. Pirates. Tons of collectibles.While the plots are not always as great as I wish they were, the morals they struggle with are deep and important. Also the overall lore. Oh and also I LOVE the AC Chronicles titles and sooo hope we get more some day. AC Origins is my one purchase this season besides Mario. Oh and I’ve just always found the “this game was made by a diverse team” not only a legal thing but really a statement on their ethics. Sorry I keep going on but I can literally talk about this for hours. I also have a strange affinity for the actor (and the sea shanties).

@JntPodcast via Twitter
The architecture.

@GamingDaddyio via Twitter
I’m obsessed with the Brotherhood

@YFAOFM host of @HileOnLife
The graphics are always amazing, I love how they weave historical events into their own fictional narrative…I love all the parkour.

The mother of games. I lost many nights of my life to that original game and if I started playing again I won’t be able to stop.


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Episode 37: Assassin’s Creed Matters


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In honor of Assassin’s Creed Origins, we headed into the world of Ubisoft’s 10 year old franchise: Assassin’s Creed. Matt brings us trough the game’s story, mythology, and how it became one of the most successful franchises. Matt also explains how the franchise went from one of his all-time favorites to one he skips.  Then we discuss the role history plays, the games’ diversity, lightly touch on some time-travelling Fassbender, and then talk about what Origins has in store for the franchise.



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