6 Video Games by Trans and Gender-Nonconforming Developers to Play in 2021

Reading Time: 7 minutes Looking for awesome games being made by trans and gender-nonconforming developers? Check out this list for games out now or coming this year.

13 – Queer Theory, Fandom, and Relationship Dynamics with Power Couple Jude and Kerey

Reading Time: 2 minutes Queer fandom and relationships are discussed with scholar and Herlands author Keridwen Luis and Lambda Literary Award nominee Jude McLaughlin.

Pokémon’s Gen III Was the Series’ Best, Until Temtem Made it Even Better

Reading Time: 5 minutes Temtem, a new creature-collecting MMORPG adventure offers a rich reimagining of the formula that Nintendo seems to have abandoned.

12 – Archiving the Past and Building Black Trans Futures with Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re joined by Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley (she/they) this week about Archiving the Past and Building Black Trans Futures.

11 – Gamifying Mental Health Management in Dofus and Dark Souls with CelesMeh

Reading Time: 2 minutes We kick off the new year with CelesMeh, a queer Latina scientist who edits genes and builds robots by day, streams games on Twitch at night.

10 – Co-Op Mode: Pixel Therapy’s Year in Gaming 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes Join us as we share our completely unofficial picks for this year’s Pixel Therapy Game Awards (cue applause), we just want to talk about the year in gaming

9 – From God of War to Baten Kaitos: The Spectrum of Narrative Game Design with Sisi Jiang

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week we’re joined by game engineer, narrative designer, and journalist Sisi Jiang (they/them)! Their work is known for covering themes of queerness and orientalism, …

8 – Gaming Misconceptions and Musings with Glass Artist Momoko Schafer

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re joined by molten glass sculptor and artist Momoko Schafer (she/her)! Momo starred in season 1 of Netflix’s glassblowing competition show Blown Away

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