REVIEW: ‘Stray’ Is Purrfect (PS5)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stray astounds with its beautiful graphics, quirky characters, and puzzles that bring out the best and worst in a cat—it’s purrfect.

REVIEW: ‘As Dusk Falls’ Is an Insightful Family Drama (Xbox One)

Reading Time: 3 minutes An interactive drama developed by INTERIOR/NIGHT, As Dusk Falls begins its story in 1998, following two entangled families over 30 years.

REVIEW: ‘Arcadegeddon’ Brings the Vibes (PS4)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Arcadegeddon is a cooperative multiplayer, third-person shooter that offers fast-paced action, a fantastic soundtrack, and plenty of quirky humor.

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Sabretooth,’ Issue #5

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Sabretooth #5, Sabretooth escapes the Pit by making a deal behind everyone’s back. What will the big bad do with his new freedom?

REVIEW: ‘Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel’ Is a Stellar Horror Puzzler (PS5)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel offers a specific type of horror—the puzzle-heavy, low-ammo, item-management kind. 

REVIEW: ‘DC Pride: Tim Drake Special,’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 3 minutes While DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1 sets the scene for Tim in 2022, it’s just an easy read for anyone looking for a feel-good, no-stakes comic.

REVIEW: ‘Above Snakes,’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Above Snakes #1 is an excellent beginning to this series, infusing just the right amount of absurdity and humor into its exploration of vengeance.

REVIEW: ‘To Strip the Flesh’

Reading Time: 3 minutes To Strip the Flesh is a collection of six short stories that explore a singular theme: stripping away what’s on the outside to find the truth within.

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