About Us

cropped-logostamp.pngAbout Us:
That’s what we’re here for! Each week we’ll talk about a different series, character, franchise, person, or fandom in the pop culture-verse that people say matter and ask the question: But why tho? They might have large and active fandoms, revolutionized their industry, pulled in unsurpassed viewer numbers, lasted for almost a century, or changed social conventions of the time. But why tho? Kate, Adrian, and Matt answer this question through their passion, geekdom, fandoms, life, history and even some scholarship.

Side Shows
In addition to our Main Episodes we also have a little side-show going on! We bring you regular side shows where we review and recap the movies, games, comics, and television shows out right now AND our convention adventures. We have also started doing Cross-Over events where we talk co-host an episode about a topic with a host of another podcast. If you have any recommendations, let us know!

The Other Side of the Wormholes: The Lost Thoughts of But Why Tho? the podcast
In this side show, host Matt will take you through some of things we didn’t get a chance to talk about in the main episode. Cover 20 years of history in an hour can be hard, so he takes us down some of the arguments we wanted to make, some of the fun facts we wanted to cover, and some of the tangents our research took us on. He also covers any corrections that we need to make.

Think we missed something? Send us an email, a tweet, or a Facebook comment! Matt will makes sure to cover it on The Other Side of the Wormhole! The side-show that talks about all the things we wanted to say and just couldn’t fit into the episode.


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