Our Podcast Hosts

1460182_10201390132247642_225512780_nKate | The Scholar | @OhMyMithrandir
Scholar by day, podcast host by night. I’ve made entire academic career about proving that pop culture matters. I’ve written about how video-games help the the disabled community and how an image in a comic book can create an identities for people in real life. I draw a lot on my personal experiences and that means that I often tackle some of the harder issues like: race, gender, sexuality, identity and offer my academic approach to our conversation.

Role: Creator, host, editor, and webmaster
Favorite Superhero/team: The X-Men
Favorite comic book/manga: Ms. Marvel/Gantz, Astonishing X-Men, Black Panther (Coates)
Favorite video game/franchise: Tomb Raider/ Mass Effect
Top 5 Fandoms: Supernatural, Star Wars, Star Trek, Whedon-verse, Doctor Who
Favorite Film Franchise: Resident Evil or Marvel Cinematic Universe (can’t choose)
Top 5 Music @ the moment: Chicano Batman, Kendrick Lamar, Backstreet Boys, Hozier, Air Trafic Controller, Us the Duo


Adrian | The Average Joe | @superruiz93
I am just a guy who spends way to much time playing videos games, enjoys popcorn movies more than he should, owns too much nerdy memorabilia and has lots of opinions about all things pop culture. I am not getting my PhD in this genre like Kate but I love it all just the same. People often underestimate the effects a movie, an actor, or even a video game can have on someone. I wouldn’t be where I am today without pop culture.

Role: Host, Twitch Channel Manager
Favorite Superhero/team: Wolverine / The Teen Titans
Favorite comic book/manga: Dragonball Series
Favorite video game/franchise: Knights of the Old Republic / World of Warcraft
Top 5 Fandoms: Star Wars, Dragonball Z, Star Trek, Firefly, Marvel
Favorite Film Franchise: Rocky (Outside of what was mentioned above)
Top 5 Music @ the moment: John Mayer, Lil Dicky, Queen Bey, Luke Bryan, J Cole

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Matt | Numbers Guy | @Dattm18 
Scientist by day, gamer by night and probably the best sports trivia component to a pub quiz team ever, I’m Matt. When it comes to pop culture, the DC animated universe is top, season 1 of Arrow is the best, and where the hell is my Glades season 5? I’ve been betrayed by Netflix so many times I have to google everything before I watch them. But my real pop culture passion is video games. MOBA, RPG, sports games, FPS, card games, I can play them all, except for fighters. Just no fighters.

Role: Host, Analytics, Marketing, All things numbers
Favorite Superhero/Villain: Spider-man/ Venom
Favorite comic book: Spider-man
Favorite video game/franchise:Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Elder scrolls/NCAA Football
Top 5 Fandoms: House, CW-verse, Elder scrolls, Wonders of the.. by Brian Cox, Twitch
Favorite Film: Jurassic Park 
Favorite Artist: Filter