About Our Guests

JR Forasteros
Guest spot(s) — Ep 8: Horror Matters, Crossover Event 1: Iron Fist Season 1
From: The StoryMen podcast, Don’t Split Up! horror podcast
Check out his podcasts at NorvilleRogers.com
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Guest spot(s) — Ep 10: Pro-Wrestling Matters,  Ep 20: The NBA Matters
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Terrence Miller
Guest spot(s) — Ep 22: eSports Matter
From — Gale Force eSports team
Follow him @GFE_TerrenceMTwitch 
Gale Force eSports
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Brianna & Kelley
Guest spot(s) — Ep 25: True Crime Matters, Ep 26: Shark Week Matters (respectively)
From — Murder Dictionary Podcast
Facebook | @M_D_PodcastInstagram | Website Patreon | iTunes

Guest spot(s) — Ep 29: Cosplay Matters
From — Rick and Alley
Twitch |  Facebook
Sunday-Monday 9:30 PM CST.
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Alex Paterno
Guest spot(s) — Ep 33: Scream Matters, Ep 39: Halloween Matters,
Star Wars Special II: The Video Games Matter, Ep 52: The Simpsons Matter, Ep 61: Captain America Matters
From — What We Talk About When We Talk About, Frightday.com, Game Boys Podcast
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Ryan Kapioski
Guest spot(s) — Star Wars Special II: The Video Games Matter, Ep 64: Overwatch Matters, Solo: A Star Wars Story — Spoiler Review
From — Game Boys Podcast & The Fire Keepers apart of Goombastomp.com
Follow him @RPKapi
Find the Game Boys Podcast here & The Fire Keepers here
@GameBoysCoop | @_TheFireKeepers

Swara Salih
Guest spot(s) — Crossover Event 3: Game of Thrones Season 7, Ep 36: The CWverse Matters (parts 1 & 2), Star Wars Special I: The Books Matter, Ep 53: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra Matter
From — Beltway Banthas
Follow him @swarasalih1
Facebook | Website | @BeltwayBanthas

Guest spots(s) — Crossover Event 2: Harlots on Hulu
From — True Crime Fan Club, We’re All Pretending
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Justine & Brittney
Guest spot(s) — Crossover Event 4: Selena y los Podcasters
From — It’s About Damn Crime
Website | @IADCpodcast Patreon | Facebook

Jason Flatt
Guest spot(s) — Crossover 5: Religion & Myth in Assassin’s Creed
From — Holy Star Wars
Follow him @Flatter_You
@holy_star_wars | Website

John aka Sceritz
Guest spot(s) — The Last Jedi Spoiler Review, Ep 51: Black Panther Matters, Black Panther — Spoiler Review
From — Wakanda IV Lyfe (a Black Panther Podcast)
Follow him  @IVwall
@WakandaIVLyfe | Website

Guest spot(s) — Ep 60: Planet Earth (the series) Matters
From — Cosplay Corner
Follow them @HorrorShadows