Marvel Contest of Champions Celebrates Pride Month and Reveals Two New Champions – Wiccan & Hulkling

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Marvel Contest of Champions

Today, Marvel Contest of Champions announced that in celebration of Pride, they have partnered with iconic comic artist Derek Charm to illustrate custom wallpaper inspired by fan-favorite LGBTQ+ MARVEL Super Heroes, including America Chavez, and teasing a future Champion coming to the game, Valkyrie.

In addition, The Contest debuted an all-new Champion Reveal trailer introducing two new Champions coming to the popular mobile fighter – Wiccan & Hulkling! Also, to get hyped for the upcoming Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) will join all rosters of new and existing Summoners free for players who download and log in beginning June 8 and concluding on July 20. With over 200 Champions in The Contest, players can also add other legendary MCU-inspired characters to their roster, including Hercules, Iceman, and more!

Here is a quick look at what The Contest has in store this month:

America Chavez has some new friends arriving in The Contest, and she wants to make sure that the Summoner is up to the challenge of showing off what The Battlerealm has to offer! Each week you’ll be able to fight alongside WICCAN and HULKLING as they add some power to your fights as STRIKERS! Take advantage of your new friends’ powers as they offer a helping hand in all the challenges you’ll face. Show you have what it takes to become AMERICA’S ALL-STARS!



William “Billy” Kaplan is the reincarnated son of Scarlet Witch, that had been magically created through Chaos Magic but later dispelled. Not long after Billy discovered his powers, he was recruited into the New Avengers. Initially, he had chosen to name himself after Thor and adopted the superhero identity of the Asgardian, but as he matured as a hero and developed more as his own person, he changed his code-name to Wiccan.


Growing up, Theodore “Teddy” Altman thought he was simply a mutant with shapeshifting and super-strength. Then one day, he was hunted down by Super-Skrull and informed that not only was he actually a hybrid of the Kree and Skrull races, but he was also a member of the Skrull rowyal family. As time passed, Teddy claimed his role as the once and future King of Space, emperor of the united Kree/Skrull alliance, and wielder of the mythical star-sword, Excelsior.

Set your reminders! Hulkling will arrive in-game on June 16 and Wiccan on June 30. New and existing players will be given the opportunity to add either Hulkling or Wiccan to their roster for free beginning June 8 and concluding on July 6. In the meantime, fans can now check out Hulkling and Wiccan in the all-new Champion Trailer – Legacies – and catch up on The Battlerealm with character Deep Dive and Special Moves content on the official Marvel Contest of Champions YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more Marvel Contest of Champions updates! Marvel Contest of Champions is available for iOS and Android.