Star Wars Celebration 2022: Star Wars x CITIZEN – A Merch Standout

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Star Wars Celebration 2022 saw a galaxy’s worth of merchandise for fans. Lots of things you could spend your hard earn credits on whereas one could expect: giant walls of t-shirts, beautiful artful work, figures of all sizes, and of course more lightsabers than General Grevious could collect. However, there was some really unique merch to choose from as well, and CITIZEN’s booth stood among the most intriguing. Their collection of Star Wars x CITIZEN timepieces drew quite the crowd and taking a closer look, I could see why.

At the CITIZEN booth, congoers could find over a dozen Star Wars-inspired designs for both men and women. The variety of designs was truly spectacular to look at. Whether you were a fan of the Jedi Order, the Sith, the Empire, the Rebellion, the Mandalorian, or just a droid lover, there was likely a design that would have caught your attention. The timepieces varied from squared faces, round faces, metal bands, different materials for straps as well as battery-powered or Eco-Drive options. The mix of subtle with outright in-your-face Star Wars designs in the Star Wars x CITIZEN  truly made it so there is a watch for every timepiece fan.

CITIZEN always made a clear effort to make sure that congoers received an exclusive experience. Next to the displays was a photo booth for fans to partake in which had plenty of eager fans lining up all weekend. In addition, there were convention exclusive discounts and even three Star Wars Celebration exclusive designs that all sold out before the weekend was over. Speaking from experience, if you waited to purchase something, chances are it was going to be sold out before you came back around. Despite missing the Darth Vader exclusive, I did walk away with a beautiful timepiece that isn’t available online that features a Rebel and Empire symbol over a silver face with a cloth band that was accented with a red and blue stripe. I couldn’t be happier with it.

The biggest hype at the CITIZEN booth was centered on the Star Wars x CITIZEN Tsuno collection. Watches inspired by R2-D2, C3PO, Darth Maul, and Darth Vader showcase the essence of each character with an extreme amount of detail, enabling the wearer to feel more connected to the Star Wars galaxy than ever before. This vintage design is inspired by the Chronograph Challenge Timer, CITIZEN’s first watch with a full-fledged chronograph function released back in 1972.

The R2-D2 watch’s dial has a raised design echoing the panels on R2-D2’s body, and the white dial is accented with R2-D2’s distinctive blue and red. The sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position also has a miniature R2-D2.

The C-3PO watch’s dial features C-3PO’s gold color and a dual-layered structure provides an almost three-dimensional version of C-3PO’s face. The sub-dial “eyes” feature a lume that glows in the dark.

The DARTH MAUL watch’s design incorporates the distinctive red and black of Darth Maul’s face and his yellow horns on the dial, pushbuttons, and crown. The watch evokes the powerful and dangerous nature of Darth Maul with a colorful, eye-catching design.

The DARTH VADER  watch’s design evokes different aspects of Darth Vader’s story – the colors of the chronograph hands echo Darth Vader’s transformation from Jedi to Sith, and the sub-dials feature design elements from his iconic armor.

All four models will be available in fall 2022 and will range from $350 to $375.  Follow CITIZEN on Instagram and Twitter at @citizenwatchus for more details about the release of these beautiful pieces.