REVIEW: ‘The Scorched,’ Issue #5

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The Scorched #5

The Scorched #5 is written by Sean Lewis (with Todd McFarlane providing additional dialogue), illustrated by Stephen Segovia, colored by Ulises Arreola, and lettered by Andworld Design. It’s published by Image Comics. The Scorched were rocked to their core by the Sin Crusher’s revelation that there was a traitor in their midst. If that wasn’t bad enough, the hulking biomechanical monstrosity known as the Sin Devourer has invaded their base with a mission to kill them! Thus the Scorched battle for their lives while learning more about who sent the Sin Devourer.

In contrast to the previous issue, which mainly featured action and little plot, this issue manages to expertly blend the throwdown between the Scorched and the Sin Devourer with revelations about the Sin Crusher’s message and how forces on Earth seek to destroy anything even remotely otherworldly. It reminds me of Lewis’s work on the companion title King Spawn, which achieves a similar balance of action and mystery. And that’s not even getting into how fan-favorite characters from the Spawn mythos make an appearance in the issue. If The Scorched manages to keep this up, it could even rival King Spawn‘s position as the best title in the Spawn line.

What also helps is that the issue is told from Jessica Priest/She-Spawn’s point of view, who’s the Scorched leader. She steps up into her position, commanding the Scorched into battle. Yet she also shows concern when Natasha—the girl they rescued during their first mission in Russia—falls ill. Putting the focus on She-Spawn helps give the book a solid point of view, especially since she has a different dynamic with each member of the Scorched.

When it comes to the action, The Scorched #5 hits the gas and doesn’t let up until the end of the book. Segovia literally opens the book in media res, showcasing Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and Medival Spawn dueling with the Sin Devourer—the biomechanical monstrosity towers over them, and when it sinks its razor-sharp teeth into its foes, lime green blood flies everywhere. More pages feature the Sin Devourer shaking the ground with its punches and She-Spawn vaulting over it while the Redeemer blasts it with heavenly energy.

Arreola brings a darker color palette to the proceedings, save for the glowing gold and blue armor of the Redeemer; this is a perfect fit for the darker tone the Spawnbooks often take. Even Andworld Design’s letters take on a darker hue, particularly with the grey barrier that surrounds Spawn’s word balloons and the mechanical speech of the Sin Devourer.

The Scorched #5 finds the right mix of action and story, with the team of hellbound heroes fighting a new enemy and learning new secrets concerning their hellish war. It looks like another fan-favorite Spawn character is set to join the Scorched by the issue’s end, and their addition to the team could provide a new dynamic, which fits with Lewis and McFarlane’s statement that the book will feature a roster of rotating characters.

The Scorched #5 is available wherever comics are sold.

The Scorched #5


The Scorched #5 finds the right mix of action and story, with the team of hellbound heroes fighting a new enemy and learning new secrets concerning their hellish war.