REVIEW: ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ Episode 13

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Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 13 - But Why Tho

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 13 is a Japanese Netflix Original anime directed by Ayumu Watanabe and animated by Studio OLM. This slice-of-life comedy anime is an adaptation of the popular manga series created by Tomohito Oda. The voice acting cast for the Komi Can’t Communicate consists of Aoi Koga (Love is War) as Shouko Komi, Gakuto Kajiwara (Fire Force) as Hitohito Tadano, and Rie Murakawa (Re: Zero) as Najimi Osana.

The second half the season picks right back up where we left Komi and her friends. In Episode 13, its the start of a new semester at school. The weather has changed and with it bring new experiences and and people into Komi and her friends’ lives. On a one cold morning, Komi wraps a scarf around her neck to keep warm, but as soon as she gets to school Najimi plays a trick on her. Inspired, Komi decides she wants to play on trick on Tadano. Meanwhile a new student with a suspicious and intimidating vibe joins their class.

I have to say of all the new Spring anime Komi Can’t Communicate is the one I was most excited about returning this season. And luckily Episode 13 lives up to my expectations for a classic Komi episode. In true slice of life fashion, this episode sets the tone of the episode in a somber lighthearted mood with the gorgeous animation and score of the background music as Komi goes through her morning routine and commutes to school. The amazing production quality of this episode in the first few scenes is so great it made me feel like I was watching a movie.

In addition the animation another thing I really enjoyed in this episode was how the episode does a slight recap from the previous season.. Besides the brief montage and fourth wall breaking Episode 13, doesn’t do anything too different from a typical Komi Can’t Communicate episode. It follows the same pattern I have come to love. Komi has a little slice of life moment playing a small pranks on each other and hosting study groups. Then of course there’s a new character, Makoto, is introduced  to the ever growing cast. Due to his size and blond hair Makoto is mistaken to be a juvenile delinquent, but that can’t be further from the truth. In reality he is just an awkward teenager who gets really nervous and struggles with communication. And of course Komi, inadvertently with Tadano’s assistance, helps Makoto feel more comfortable returning to school.

Additionally, Komi Can’t Communicate delivers some comedic moments in this episode as well. I especially enjoyed the fourth wall-breaking moments with Najimi narrating Komi’s backstory and the events that have led them to the present. It is a quick and entertaining way to give a refresher to audiences about where the story is at without wasting half of the episode’s time with flashbacks to recap the story thus far.

Lastly, with the return of Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 13 also brings a brand new  for me was the premiere of of new music and animation sequence with the ending theme. I especially loved the the stylization for the ending sequence’s animation. The animators went with a chalk illustrations of Komi and her friends in a class room. I like to think this is was nod to the first episode where Komi and Tadano communicated for the first time on a chalkboard.

In the end Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 13 is a solid start to the season half of the season. I can’t recommend this show enough, especially if you are looking for an anime with a unique vibe. It sets the tone with a lighthearted and optimistic feeling to the beginning of the new batch of episodes. It follows a standard formula  just like any other Komi Can’t Communicate that delivers lighthearted feels, slightly awkward moments, and laughs that keeps me keeping back to this series for more. The production quality of the episode is on a cinematic level from the animation to the musical score. The most refreshing and impressive thing by far was the gorgeous new ending sequence.

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 13 is streaming now on Netflix.