REVIEW: ‘Devil’s Reign: X-Men,’ Issue #3

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Devil's Reign X-Men #3 - But Why Tho

Devil’s Reign: X-Men #3 is the final part of the Devil’s Reign crossover tie-in published by Marvel Comics, written by Gerry Duggan, art and colors by Phil Noto, and letters by Cory Petit. Here, Emma Frost challenged Kingpin’s attempt to remove the X-Men from New York, and in response, he brought her past dealings with him to the public. He accused her and Elekta of murdering a child. In actual fact, the little girl was removed from the city and taken to England. In the present day, Frost arrives at the Hellfire Club but is absconded by Union Jack and the police.

In this issue, Emma Frost deals with Jack and the British police in her own unique way. After that, she meets Isabella, the girl she rescued. But there is still the matter of escaping the Hellfire Club and clearing her name.

This final issue shows that this series tries something different in every chapter. The plot has remained one of the most investing and exciting of the tie-ins, appearing to possess meaningful and powerful events. It is telling a brand new story and uses the current situation as a catalyst. Much of what happens in Devil’s Reign: X-Men #3 could probably have been predicted, yet the actual execution of the ideas is still fantastic.

The escape from the police that Duggan crafts are clever and full of humor. The pacing of the comic allows for scenes to play out naturally but keeps the story alive and moving. The culmination of the issue rally feels warranted and I found myself caring deeply even in a short amount of issues. The ending creates a feeling of satisfaction but there is a real threat and menace to how it ends.

Elekta isn’t in this issue very much at all, but Emma Frost is more than capable of carrying the book on her own. The presentation of her in this small series has divulged so much depth in her personality. She has the capability to be frightening, the demonstration of her powers at multiple points showcasing this. Her powers against someone unprepared are extremely powerful and her wicked mind leads to severe unpredictability. But her willingness to protect and a caring heart are also present. The lengths she went to give Isabella a life show that when it comes to children, and young girls, money is no question.

The other characters involved all have a role to play. Union Jack is a nuisance and a terrific foil for Emma to try and subdue, but he is written with both humor and danger in mind. Elektra does make a small appearance, one that shows a core similarity with Emma. Who Isabella, now much older, transformed into is a fascinating twist, but makes sense considering who rescued her as a child.

The art in this final issue is fantastic. Noto’s creation of fight scenes is terrific. The first is unconventional in its structure, but it very cleverly uses panel layouts for comedic purposes. Emma will use items out of view to her advantage, then smartly reveal them with a change of perspective. For someone whose powers can be stationary in their use, the consequences have a movement and a slapstick nature. Emma looks amazing throughout the issue as her facial expression barely falters during intense situations, highlighting her resolve. The different locations are beautiful and full of details.

The colors are stunning. The pristine, immaculate white of Emma’s costume ensures that she is always the one that stands out. Although she also wears this red and gold coat for parts of it that is both beautiful and stylish. During the opening fight, a lot of the comedy is benefitted by the colors. It adds a cartoony element to the battle and is a visually entertaining delight.

The lettering is the standard font that is now used on X titles.

Devil’s Reign: X-Men #3 completes a remarkable tie-in. Duggan and Noto have created a comic that would not be out of place if Devil’s Reign did not exist. Delving into Emma’s past and intertwining it with Kingpin’s is really well done, and then there is a dramatic and impactful tale in the present. The art has been nothing short of amazing inside a comic that is full of smirk-inducing moments and very touching panels. There is also enough leeway for the ramifications to be felt beyond this final issue.

Devil’s Reign: X-Men #3 is available where comics are sold.

Devil’s Reign: X-Men #3


Devil’s Reign: X-Men #3 completes a remarkable tie-in. Duggan and Noto have created a comic that would not be out of place if Devil’s Reign did not exist.