REVIEW: ‘X Deaths of Wolverine’, Issue #4

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X Deaths of Wolverine #4

X Deaths of Wolverine #4 is written by Benjamin Percy with art by Federico Vicentini, colors by Dijjo Lima, and lettering by VC’s Cory Petit. It’s published by Marvel Comics. Following the revelation that the Phalanx-enhanced Wolverine is attempting to prevent the extinction of mutantkind, Laura Kinney, Daken, and Scout race to stop Moira MacTaggert from helping jumpstart the Phalanx’s ascension. Little do they know that Moira has snuck back onto Krakoa, intending to take her revenge on Destiny and the rest of the mutant race.

X Deaths has been a genuine surprise, mainly because it’s dealt with the fallout from Inferno as well as House of X and Powers of X. Percy expertly manages to take that fallout to its natural end, with Moira and Professor X having a heated discussion and Moira blaming Destiny for the potential fall of Krakoa. It brings to mind the opening from X-Men: Apocalypse – “give a man the power of prophecy, and he may fear the future.” He even folds in the surprise ending from X Lives of Wolverine #4, as it’s only one of many possible futures that Destiny is witnessing. Percy also doesn’t skimp on the emotion, as Wolverine recalls how his children die in sorrowful detail. “This is my family,” he says, in a scene that would move even the hardest of hearts. I wouldn’t be surprised if Percy takes up the “Head of X” position previously occupied by Jonathan Hickman; he clearly has a handle on how to push the X-Men franchise forward.

That’s to say nothing of Vicentini’s work, which has shown no signs of slowing down. The opening literally features a wave of Sentinels landing on Krakoa in the future, towering over an elderly Wolverine and Forge. The issue also gets immensely gory — Wolverine gouges his own eye out in order to retrieve a secret weapon, and Moira finds a rather gruesome way to get back through the Krakoan gates. Moira also dons an organic mech suit that looks like a cross between a tree and a winged insect, which leads to a fight scene between her and the Phalanx Wolverine that leads to a bloody conclusion. This is not a comic book for the faint-hearted.

As if to represent the shadows creeping over Krakoa, Lima uses mostly dark colors. The Armory on Krakoa is depicted with mostly dark greens and blues, a far cry from the lush foliage and sandy beaches that usually make up the X-Men’s island home. The only bright colors come from the yellow within the Wolverine family’s costumes, Xavier’s bright blue astral form, and the glowing circuitry etched into Phalanx Wolverine’s suit. That same golden hue is present in Petit’s lettering, especially Wolverine’s infamous “Snikt” sound effect.

X Deaths of Wolverine #4 continues to up the action and emotion as the X-Men’s present and future collide, and Wolverine is right in the middle. With only one issue left, the final page sets up yet another threat to Krakoa, and however it ends, it’s clear Percy, Vicentini, and Joshua Cassara have poured their all into this story.

X Deaths of Wolverine #4 is available now wherever comics are sold.

X Deaths of Wolverine #4


X Deaths of Wolverine #4 continues to up the action and emotion as the X-Men’s present and future collide, and Wolverine is right in the middle.