March Madness as Spooky Strategy Hits Steam

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Today, developer Smoking Gun Interactive announced the launch of Phobies for Steam, iOS, and Android with crossplay for players on all platforms. Phobies re-imagines a variety of human fears into crazy creatures and concepts that wouldn’t look out of place on Adult Swim!

Taking hex-based strategy as the core concept and combining it with card collecting, Phobies is armed with over 120 creations, including killer clowns, maniacal mechanical monkeys, and exploding walking cupcakes.

Whatever selection of Phobie’s chosen to enter the battlefield, a variety of tactics must be deployed in order to claim victory against rival players in intense PvP strategy action. Taking and holding Panic Points on each map is the key to victory, with each one controlled dealing out damage to the opponent’s heart HP at the start of their turn.

Battles can be played out in real-time in the Arena Battle Mode or over more extended periods through the Async Battle Mode. Victory conditions remain the same across all game modes – destroy all enemy Phobies on the battlefield or reduce the enemy’s HP to zero!

A spooky summary:

Layered hex-based strategy gameplay that ensures no two matches are alike

Take a turn wherever and whenever is convenient with the Async Battle Mode

Experience real-time PvP mayhem where skill and timing are crucial to victory in the Arena Battle Mode or Ranked League Matches

Collect, deploy and upgrade over 120 Phobies, each with their tactical playstyle making for devilishly delightful combos