INTERVIEW: Diving into Courtship with Lewis Echavarria and Achilles King

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The Courtship - But Why Tho
Right to Left: Lewis Echavarria and Achilles King in The Courtship

Have you ever wanted to step into a Jane Austen novel? Date in Regency England maybe? Well, the newest reality dating series, The Courtship is taking you there. We got the chance to sit down with two of the series’ suitors Mr. Lewis Echavarria and Mr. Alex “Achilles” King to talk about their experience in winning the heart of the heroine Ms. Nicole Rémy.

If you’re not familiar with The Courtship, it centers on one heroine, Ms. Rémy as she looks for love among 16 suiters in one ultimate social experiment in romance. Transported to a Regency-style England, a group of eligible hopeful suitors will have to win the heart of our heroine, and her court. Housed in a castle on the countryside, set on a beautiful backdrop of rolling hills, the heroine and suitors will experience that with which dreams are made of. From carriage rides and boat rides on the lake to archery and handwritten letters to communicate, they will be immersed in a time-traveling quest for love. In the end, our heroine and her suitors will discover if the ultimate romantic experience will find them true love.

In this interview Echavarria and King open up about the experience, detailing how they got involved with the series, the woes of Regency clothes, and of course elements they would like to see from Regency England make a comeback in 2022. Not to mention, we discuss the pressure and reassurance that comes from not just dating the heroine, but meeting and impressing her family as well.

Echavarria was born in Miami but raised in the Dominican Republic, Lewis was homeschooled and went on to play professional baseball before an injury permanently ended his pitching career. After his surgery, he picked up his first real estate book and went on to become a licensed mortgage advisor and realtor. Outside of the office, Lewis helps busy men and women get into the best shape of their lives. A huge romantic who loves to cook and dance, Lewis wears his heart on his sleeve and is hoping to find that forever love to grow a big family together.

King was born in the Dominican Republic and at a young age gravitated toward poetry and writing song lyrics, which gave him the ability to find self-expression. He grew up reading Shakespeare, which led him to explore the true art of romance. In 2021, Achilles lost his mother, who had brought him and his siblings to America. After taking the time to grieve, he finally feels mentally, physically, and spiritually ready to find the one woman who can make his life complete. From spontaneous gondola boat rides to deep and meaningful intellectual conversations, Achilles is seeking a lifelong commitment with someone who allows him to be himself.

Episode 1 of The Courtship airs tonight, in it, Leading lady Ms. Nicole Rémy, a modern girl tired of modern dating, is transported back to Regency-era England in the hope of finding love. In a grand 19th century castle set among the rolling hills of the English countryside, a group of 16 eligible suitors arrive to win Ms. Rémy’s heart and the approval of her trusted court. To listen to our full interview, hit play on the audio player above.

The Courtship airs new episodes Sunday Nights on NBC and available next day on Peacock.