REVIEW: ‘Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm,’ Issue #2

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The High Republic Eye of the Storm #2 - But Why Tho

Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #2 is written by Charles Soule while Guillermo Sanna provides art, colors by Jim Campbell, letters by Ariana Maher, and cover art by Ryan Brown. Published by Marvel Comics, Eye of the Storm #2 is one of the last stories in phase one of the Project Luminous multimedia project. The Nihil has wreaked destruction across the galaxy, unchecked and seemingly unstoppable. With the fall of Starlight Beacon, there might not be much hope for the galaxy left.

Previously in Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #1, readers were given the backstory of the Marchion Ro’s rise to become the Eye of the Nihil. Writer Charles Soule painted a gruesome picture of the Nihil and their history that only adds to their ferocity. Over the last year, the Nihil has done unspeakable things and caused destruction on a scale that is more devastating than what fans see in the Skywalker Saga. Behind it all, Marchion Ro. Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #2 shows that Ro is charismatic as he is ruthless. The Nihil follow him almost blindly as they do not know his ultimate plan. After the fall of Starlight Beacon, he is ready to share his true intentions.

Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #2 opens on the heels of the fall of Starlight Beacon. In true villain fashion, Ro touts his victory over the Republic and the Jedi over his Jedi prisoner Master Obratuk Glii. In an elegant soliloquy, Ro tells the story of how he acquired the Levelers (or the Nameless), the mysterious beasts that rob the Jedi of their connection of the Force and turn them into husks. With this story, it is further confirmed that Ro truly only cares about himself as the mission to obtain his ultimate weapon is at the cost of many of the men and women who follow him.  Nevertheless, the blood of his covenant is one Ro is willing to pay as he obtains the instruments of so much destruction. Further, It is too early to tell if his arrogance will be his undoing and seeds of insurrection have been present throughout phase one but also in Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #2. 

In what comes as a surprise to me, Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #2 gives readers the perspective of the Jedi and the Republic following the destruction of Chancellor Soh’s greatest work. Simply, both the Jedi Order and the Republic are reeling. The lack of faith in the Jedi and the push for more militarization is reminiscent of the Skywalker Saga which hasn’t been the case up to this point. The only difference is, our heroes now know the true leader of the Nihil after following red herrings for so long. The only question is, can they do anything to stop Marchion Ro with all of his planning, determination, and cunning? The answer remains to be seen but Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #2  proves that it will certainly be an uphill battle.

Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #2 is much heavier on the dialogue than any of the other High Republic comics. Following such a big moment in both The Fallen Star and Star Wars: The High Republic #15there are bound to be a lot of questions about what’s next. I know I had them. Writer Soule gives us a taste of those answers through panels of dialogue that almost plays as a short novelization of events. While the art may not be as vibrant and animated as its other comic counterparts, it works to the benefit of truly being able to sit with the story that is being presented. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea with so much dialogue over 30 odd pages, but if you are here for answers, this is the place to be.

Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #2 continues to the bleak hopelessness that has permeated the latest additions of The High Republic media. As phase one comes to a close, readers should expect not to find the final symbol of hope that happens all too often in Star Wars stories. The Nihil have won the battle and are near to ending the war as Marchion Ro’s plans are coming full circle. The Jedi are retreating. Chancellor Linda Soh is speechless. All that remains is the Eye of the Storm. I have no idea how Marchion Ro will meet his end and I think that is a great marker of a quality villain that Soule has been able to flesh out. And I love it. It’s such a great way to end a phase that started out with so much promise for light and life and is now filled with darkness and blight.

Rating: 4/5

Star Wars: The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #2 is available wherever comics are sold.