Explore BIPOC POP 2022 March 10-11th

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SXSW 2022 is fast approaching and BIPOC POP 2022 will bring together creatives, scholars, and industry leaders working in the comics, gaming, animation, and multimedia arts for 2 days to focus on strengthening community through the sharing of cutting edge creative critical knowledge-making in the graphic storytelling arts. Hosted by UT’s Latinx Pop Lab, Ad Astra Media and Lainx Spaces, BIPOC Pop 2022 will clear a creative-critical space for making and strengthening community and creative critical action today and tomorrow in the comics, gaming, animation, & multimedia storytelling arts.

Hosted on the UT campus March 10th and 11th, there will be 80 participants, 12 panels, 3 screenings, and 60 speakers, making a space for BIPOC to discuss pop culture critically. For a full schedule see below

Location: 305 E 23rd St | Julius Glickman Conference Center | Patton Hall | Room 1.302B

9AM-10AM: Cafecito/Tea/Dulce Meet-&-Greet & Welcome!

10AM-10:45: “Decolonizing BIPOC Masculinities”
Carina Guevara, Maxi Rodriguez, David Bowles
Facilitator: Aaron Aceves

11AM-11:45: “Laughter & Remembering”
The 5Meats (Oscar Garza with Rolo Esquivel), Jaime Crespo, Peter Murrieta.
Facilitator: Mauricio Espinoza

Noon-1PM Lunch (provided)

Screening/Talkback I:
Marc Sanchez: “Sombras”
Lee Francis IV “IndigiGenius”
Facilitator: Adrian Villegas

1-1:45PM: “Monsters; or Quotidian Superheroes?”
Chris Escobar, Javier Solorzano, La Morris Richmond, Pablo Castro.
Facilitator: Maite Urcaregui

2-2:45PM: “Geopolitics in the Borderlands”
Zeke Peña, Jennifer Gomez Menjivar, Héctor Rodríguez, José Alaniz.
Facilitator: Fernanda Diaz-Bateris

3-3:45PM: “Building Community by Working with Community”
Myra Lara, Uko Smith, David Brown, Hector Garza.
Facilitator: Stanford Carpenter

4-4:45PM: “BIPOC Mythologies & the Speculative”
Alé Juvera, Garcia, Jennifer Caroccio Maldonado, Jennifer Gomez Menjivar.
Facilitator: Jiba Anderson

Location: 305 E 23rd St | Julius Glickman Conference Center | Patton Hall | Room 1.302B

8:30AM: Cafecito/Tea/Dulce

9-9:45: “Decolonizing the Master’s House: Roundtable”
Mauricio Espinoza, Maite Urcaregui, Jessica Rutherford, Roxana Loza, Francesca Lyn.
Facilitator: Anthony R. Ramirez

10AM-10:45: “Storytelling for New Gen BIPOC Audiences”
Candy Briones, Pablo Leon, Kat Fajardo, Paul and Carlos Meyer
Facilitator: Hector F L’Hoeste.

11AM-11:45: “Global Forms & Ancestral Identities”
Greg Anderson, Kofi M. Bazzell-Smith, Jiba M. Anderson, Enrique Garcia, Fernanda Diaz-Bateris.
Facilitator: Jessica Rutherford

12-1PM Lunch (Provided)

Best BIPOC Pop Student Essay Award!

Animation screening/Talkback II:
Robert Gonzales “Boojalé”
Corey “Roc Bottom” Davis: “Jet Boy”
Facilitator: Darius Gainer, author of Black Representation in the World of Animation

1-1:45PM: “Shaping New K-12 & College Creative Critical Learning Spaces”
José Morey, Melissa Noelle, Héctor Cantu, JM Hunter.
Facilitator: Lydia CdeBaca-Cruz

2-2:45PM: “Developing, Branding & Amplifying BIPOC Stories”
Angélique Roche, Lee Francis IV, Aaron Jimenez, Stanford Carpenter.
Facilitator: José Morey

3-3:45PM: “Creative Critical Makers in the BIPOC Gaming Arts”
Regina Mills, Erin Roberts, Kate Sánchez, Anthony Ramirez.
Facilitator: Frederick Luis Aldama

4-4:45PM: Marvel Panel Latinx Communidades
Terry Blas, Julio Anta, Angélique Roche, Frederick Luis Aldama
Facilitator: Deborah Elizabeth Whaley

4:45-5pm: Reflection and Take Aways

For more information about the event, please head to the website here and to keep up with the Latinx Pop Lab, head here.