This Wretched Hunt of Mine – Solo RPG actual play + review ep 1

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The Wretched Hunt of Mine

Welcome to The Beer and Pretzel Podcast’s first spin-off show Forever a Gnome! In this series, host and forever Game Master Austen will play a solo rpg whenever he can’t get the rest of the Beer and Pretzel crew in. In our first episode of the series,  I got to play This Wretched Hunt of Mine by Feral Indie Studios which was a blast to record.

SOLO RPG SUMMARY:  You are a lone hunter in some remote and inhospitable place, hunting down a terrible and dangerous monster. The monster has taken something from you. Something important, something irreplaceable. You have vowed to kill it, even if it’s the last thing you do in this life. But, the monster knows you are following them and is far more clever than you could have imagined…”

WHAT’S GREAT ABOUT THIS SOLO RPG:  It’s a super creative rpg that isn’t contained to any one genre, I played it as a Greek epic, but the hunt and the monster can be applied to any setting. While there is a really cool system that uses a combination of dice,  playing cards, and a block tower, it’s never too much to learn with only 8 out of its 12-page document being used for the rules itself. I’m also a big fan of Jenga Tower-based RPGs like Dread, Star Crossed, and now This Wretched Hunt of Mine, so this is a big recommendation from me! page! 10/10

This Wretched Hunt of Mine can be picked up for free on their page!

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