INDIE Live Expo 2022 Expands to Two Days, May 21-22

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INDIE Live Expo 2022

It was announced today that INDIE Live Expo, the digital showcase series connecting indie game fans worldwide which has a combined more than 42.5 million viewers across four shows to date, returns with a fifth installment to take place across two days: Saturday, May 21, 2022, and Sunday, May 22, 2022.

The live streaming event will take place across two shows, simulcast in English, Japanese, and Chinese on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and other platforms to be announced. DAY 1 will spotlight currently-available indie games that fans can play right now, including information and a focus on gameplay footage. DAY 2 will feature world premieres of brand-new, unannounced games, and new information on previously-announced titles, along with an “INDIE Studios Around the World” feature and live performances.

INDIE Live Expo 2022 aims to raise the bar after each previous INDIE Live Expo set viewership records. INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 set a new high of 13.9 million viewers worldwide. The event showcased more than 560 titles, including the reveal of Persona composer Shoji Meguro’s new title Guns Undarkness, PlatinumGames Inc.’s SOL CRESTA, Apogee Entertainment’s Turbo Overkill, Humble Games’ Unpacking, PLAYISM’s DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game, Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, and more.

Developers interested in taking part can pre-register for the event starting today through Thursday, February 24 at 2:00 AM EST. Additionally, the INDIE Live Expo Letter’s next issue releases Friday, February 4. It offers useful information on indie game marketing, promotion, and development, along with information on the impact from participating in INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021, with signups available here.

“We set new records with our last event and have even higher expectations for INDIE Live Expo 2022, which is all thanks to participating publishers, developers, and viewers from all over the world,” said Ryuta Konuma, Founder, Ryu’s Office. “We have exciting things planned and look forward to using our resources and platform to show amazing games from creators to more people than ever before!”

Sponsors wishing to take part can submit inquiries here, with various opportunities available, including logo placements, special video segments, and more. INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021’s sponsors included Cygames, PlayStation, 505 Games, Freedom Games, Phoenixx, Kodansha, WhisperGames, INTI CREATES, Gemdrops, and Why so serious. Additionally, outlets and content creators interested in co-broadcasting INDIE Live Expo 2022 can sign up here to register their interest, with incentives available for those who register.

For more information, please visit the INDIE Live Expo website, follow @INDIELiveExpoEN on Twitter, and search for #INDIELiveExpo on social media.