Nerds Social Club – Episode 107

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Episode 107

Episode 107 and what a few weeks, with so much great content to discuss. The lads talk about Squid Game, Foundation, Invasion, DC Fandome, and all of the latest Marvel gossip. Plus a surprisingly tantalizing trailer for Lightyear, Pixar’s new Buzz Lightyear origin movie. Seriously, and it’s pretty bloody good.

The guys breakdown some of the content they’ve been watching this week and naturally they had to start the podcast talking about the most popular show on Netflix – Squid Game. The guys also take some time to plug Foundation and Invasionbecause you know, the podcast has secret Apple TV+ overlords that need to be appeased.

So the next part is hard to explain, but basically there’s a randomly, but quite epic rant about who Ped believes controls the planet. He makes, points, and he uses, words. Have a listen and see if you can figure out what point Ped is trying to make. We apologize to Spider enthusiasts, but not to Dolphins. You know what you did.

Finally the lads dive into all the juicy gossip from the amazing trailers that premiered at DC Fandome (listed below), to Lightyear from Pixar, and A LOT of Marvel gossip.

You don’t want to miss episode 107!

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