30 – The Antidote to Doomscrolling and The Witcher 3 with Games Journalist Isaiah Colbert

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isaiah colbert

Isaiah Colbert, staff writer at Kotaku, joins the show to talk shop and share how The Witcher 3 finally got them into the high fantasy genre!

Happy SpOoKy SeAsOn!! Spencer has orange hair and Jamie wants a 12-foot tall skeleton! We’re on theme with the games this week, too: join us as we dive into the bleak, unsettling-yet-sweet visual novel Little Misfortune from Killmonday Games, and the vibrant, gorgeous, decaying world of action-adventure debut Kena: Bridge of Spirits from Ember Lab.

Then we’re thrilled to be joined by Kotaku staff writer Isaiah Colbert (he/they)! We had an absolutely lovely time chatting with Isaiah on writing about games as experiences rather than products, striving to make space for seeking solutions in the industry, jumping into games journalism as a self-proclaimed filthy casual who plays Tetris every day, becoming emotionally ready to receive media, and how Geralt of Rivia awoke a new appreciation for fantasy inside of them – with some smooth JoJo references sprinkled in along the way.

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Patricia Hernandez’ piece referenced ~1:05


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