Nerds Social Club – Episode 106

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Episode 106

Episode 106 and what a week, so much great content to discuss. The lads talk about Netflix TUDUM fan event, Free Guy, and and explosive episode of What If…?

The guys breakdown some of the content they’ve been watching this week and Ped talks about his binge of The Morning Show on Apple TV+, not to mention Y: The Last Man. Aaron talks about Foundation and his reaction on a high level to the series.

As so often happens in the podcast, the guys start off on an unplanned tangent. Seriously, they had not talked about this topic off air at all! The topic this week is whether shows would be better off weekly, or dropped in one go for bingeing, or perhaps maybe it should vary based on the show as an experience rather than the platform. See what the guys think.

Netflix also had a big fan event called TUDUM, where they dropped teasers for Stranger ThingsCobra Kai, The Witcher, Army of Thieves, and Ozark with many other fantastic bits of news available.

Finally, the guys give their reactions to Free Guy, and What If…? with the latter being a huge episode with season long implications. Great topics, lots to discuss.

You don’t want to miss episode 106!

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