Dying Light 2 New Reveals: Parkour & Combat Deep Dive

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Dying 2 Know More

Today, Techland released an extended cut of their gamescom edition of Dying 2 Know. The response to the latest episode was overwhelming, and Techland knows everyone is Dying 2 Know More. In this extended cut, lead game designer Tymon Smektała and senior producer Kornel Jaskuła sit down to deep-dive into the parkour and combat mechanics of Dying Light 2 Stay Human with new gameplay footage. Take to the skies, rooftops, and streets and see how players will fight for their lives later this year.

Make sure not to miss the opportunity to learn more about all-new combat styles, stunning parkour moves, and the tools that will help you discover every advantage of immersive movement in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Check out Dying 2 Know More below!

About Dying Light 2 Stay Human:

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a story-driven open-world action role-playing game, a sequel to the critically acclaimed Dying Light published in 2015, which has been played by over twenty million people all over the world. This time players are visiting the City – mankind’s last stronghold in the fight against the virus. Developed parkour mechanics enable players to explore the vast open world and master tactical combat. This lost civilization, a world set in the modern dark ages, requires creative approaches to finding items and crafting gear. Gameplay shifts during a day and night cycle, so players can dare to plunder abandoned lairs of infected at night and discover the dark secrets of those in power by the day. Players must choose which side they want to take and write their own story.