Nerds Social Club – Episode 103

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Episode 103

Episode 103, and it’s been a while, but Aaron and Ped have been busy working behind the scenes with all kinds of exciting things. They could never forget what started it all, so it’s back to the podcast! Don’t worry listeners, we plan to be around for a while.

What a week it’s been. Sony and Marvel finally released Spider-Man No Way Home, and oh my word. So many questions, so many scenes to break down, and we only got 2-3 minutes of footage. It’s safe to say that if you’re an MCU fan there are a lot of exciting times ahead.

The guys point to a number of potential theories that could pop up, even with a lot of strong links to Loki. That wasn’t all though nerd fans, we also got to enjoy the final trailer for the Eternals. We got our first looks at fully formed Celestials, and Deviants, and also mentions of Thanos. There’s absolutely implications at a cosmic plotline and what this opens up moving forward.

Finally,  the guys answer some questions from the live youtube stream. If you want to get your questions answered live on the podcast, join us next week on youtube.

You don’t want to miss episode 103!

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