INTERVIEW: Talking Mental Health with LongBeachGriffy at Dream Con 2021

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LongBeachGriffy - But Why Tho

In 2017 Anthony Griffin, better known as his online persona LongBeachGriffy, took the world by storm with his original comedic sketches rooted in observational humor. The California native has made his fame from his short skits that range from everyday occurrences such as “when they call you by accident” to topics like race and politics.  Despite many of his videos being provocative by nature, LongBeachGriffy has had an uncanny ability to bring realness and perspective to his content. Whether he is talking about politics or dubbed vs subbed anime, the comedy is nearly always accompanied by underlying commentary that brings light to the ridiculousness of the times we live in.

Over the last five years, LongBeachGriffy has gone on to amass over 3 million subscribers on YouTube as well over 800k followers on Instagram. Over 450 videos later, LongBeachGriffy has maintained his simple filming format: filming all of his videos on his cell phone alone playing multiple characters in the same room. It is this kind of consistency and dedication to authenticity that made LongBeachGriffy a fan favorite at Dream Con 2021. 

At Dream Con 2021 I had the opportunity to sit down with LongBeachGriffy to learn more about the man behind the comedy. During our conversation, we discussed adjusting to the crowds at conventions, his focus on his own mental health, advocating for others to focus on their own,  his future plans, and of course his quality content. As someone who has made a career off of outlandish comedy, it can be easy to forget before he is LongBeachGriffy, he is Anthony Griffin. At a convention surrounded by people of color, Griffin’s push for the importance of mental wellbeing is important. Throughout our time together, I found a new appreciation for Griffin as not only a content creator but also as a fellow person of color.