23 – Navigating Hope and Despair in Danganronpa with Indie Developer Courtland Messam

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courtland messam

Courtland Messam joins Pixel Therapy this week to chat about his circuitous route into the gaming industry, the importance of making games by and for queer folks, and his abiding love for Danganronpa.

We’re so excited to kick things off this week by gushing about a brand-new masterpiece called Chicory: A Colorful Tale by Greg Lobanov, Lena Raine, Em Halberstadt, Alexis Dean-Jones, and Madeline Berger. This adorable, irreverent painting adventure manages to hit on so many levels- it’s an ode to artmaking and what it means to be someone, wrapped up in a disarmingly cute world of food-named animals and self-aware humor.

Then, we’re joined by gaming QA analyst and indie developer Courtland Messam to talk about cult favorite visual novel Danganronpa, and everything it has to teach us about surviving life and understanding privilege.

Check out Chicory: https://chicorygame.com/

Check out Courtland’s games: https://itch.io/profile/courtlandmessam

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