Nerds Social Club – Episode 101

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Episode 101

Episode 101, and the lads are back in the swing of this podcasting lark, so sit back and let Ped, and Aaron fill your ear holes with all of the nerd news of the week.

Astro is back with us for episode 101, as the guys jump into the new Shang Chi trailer, the latest The Suicide Squad trailer, plus they just had to talk about episode 3 of Loki featured on Disney+.

Of course the fellas give a run down of the shows, and films, they’ve been watching this past week. So if you’re in a show hole, or looking for recommendations be sure to see what they’ve been watching this week.

Shang Chi dropped during ESPN’s coverage of the NBA, and then flood social media, and wow what a trailer. The reception online was electric as Marvel Studios revealed more details from behind the carpet, and Ped, Aaron, and Astro talk about all those moments that really got their boats afloat.

The Suicide Squad trailer also dropped this week, and again it was another strong showing. Randomly though, the conversation goes way off the rails in a hilarious segue you’ll want to catch.

Lastly, Aaron, and Ped, get their teeth stuck into Loki, and oh boy, the potential for the MCU and what’s coming in the next few episodes is so big.

You don’t want to miss episode 101!

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