22 – How QTBIPOC Theatremakers Built a Solarpunk Mystery Game! with Gregory Keng Strasser and Sara Eskandari

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gregory keng strasser

DC-based director, writer, and arts leader Gregory Keng Strasser along with AR/VR developer and artist Sara Eskandari join Pixel Therapy to discuss the intersections between theatrical performance and gaming as they preview their debut visual novel DARK CITY.

Content warning: This episode contains discussion between Spencer and our guests about some of our personal experiences navigating our biracial identities, which have been painful at times.

This week’s episode is all about the brand-new four-part QTBIPOC-led solarpunk detective visual novel series and debut video game by award-winning 4615 Theatre Company, DARK CITY! Your co-hosts sit down with the game’s director and writer Gregory Keng Strasser (he/him), as well as artist and designer Sara Eskandari (they/she) to dive into this thrilling, urgently present story tackling big themes, from complicity in systemic oppression, to the threat colonialism poses to Indigenous stewardship of the earth, to imagining a future that prioritizes sustainability and communion with nature– all packaged within a gorgeously rendered and thoughtfully cast (and voiced!) game whose birth at the hands of theatremakers and artists is beautifully felt.

Plus: Tales of Symphonia, capturing the spirit of theatricality, Phoenix Wright, and more! We’re so excited to share this one with you, and hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Play DARK CITY: https://4615theatreco.itch.io/

P.S. – Spencer mentioned a “book” by Loretta Todd, but it’s an essay- “Aboriginal Narratives in Cyberspace” (1996).

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