Nerds Social Club – Episode 100

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Episode 100

Episode 100, and this week the lads reflect a little bit on reaching 100 episodes, so sit back and let Ped, and Aaron fill your ear holes with all of the nerd news of the week.

For the 100th episode, the lads invited the mouth from the south back to woo them with his opinions on Nerd culture these last two years, so welcome back Astro. As always, the guys shared some of the shows and films they’ve been watching these last few weeks.

Aaron started off the conversation by talking about Mare of Easttown, which Astro had seen, and Ped is a few episodes into, and they all waxed lyrically about the authenticity of the representation for small town America. Aaron was also watching a lot of great international content talking about Dom, Xtremeand Lupin.

Ped spent the time off playing video games and watching soccer, given the European championship is currently dominating the ESPN airwaves. Lastly, Astro has unsurprisingly been loving Loki, and Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

The fellas also spent a bit of time reflecting on the last two years of podcasts, and what they’ve witnessed from the nerd industry since then. Ped, Aaron, and Astro give their hopes for the future.

You don’t want to miss episode 100!

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