“Joseph Joestar, the Soprano’s Jojo” – Is This a JoJo Podcast Ep.10

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Premiere of Battle Tendency

Is That A JoJo Podcast Episode 10 has the JoJo  Gang plus fellow community member Torie (@toriewink on Twitter)  watch the Premiere of Battle Tendency! We are joined together in the glory of our new protagonist — Joseph Joestar. Joseph Joestar is known to be the canonical sex god of the Jojo Universe; a very important factor in many fan’s viewings of the series. We start the new season in New York, where we’re walkin’ ‘ere!

The Gang and Torie experience the “new age Jojo”, who gets into fights with authority figures (picks a lot of fights in general) but still manages to keep the gentlemanly ways of the Joestar family. The show’s legacy and the narrative journey of the stone masks, continue as we find ourselves years into the future. The Speedwagon Foundation continues to look into the mysterious origins of the Stone Masks, Hamon Users, and new enemies are found in old friends in Is That A JoJo Podcast Episode 10.

The gang discusses in detail the himbo status of Joseph, an idiot with a heart bigger than his brain. The group also discusses the experience of seeing Part 2 for the first time, and how it feels compared to the rest of the series. Not to mention, they discuss aspects of part two they are excited to get to.

McKenna brings up the “Space Ripper Stingy Eyes” technique, aka the “Space Splitting Eye-Spiked Surprise”. These have been revealed to be pressurized liquid secreted from vampires, rather than any kind of energy beams.

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