21 – The Future of VR and Learning to Drive in GTA V with Sugar Gamers’ Esha Todd

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esha todd

Our little break behind us, we’re so happy to be back with our guest this week, Sugar Gamers writer and gaming/emerging technology futurist Esha Todd! Spencer and Jamie kick things off with a deep dive into the mysterious island of Die Gute Fabrik’s Mutazione — a breathtaking game about friendly mutants, small-town gossip, chosen family, and redefining our relationship to the earth. Omg, just typing this has me in my feels all over again.

Then we’re joined by the hilarious and effortlessly awesome Esha Todd, a writer and artist drawing on her experiences working with Apple, Makerbot, and Oculus to imagine the future of gaming and help people embrace emerging technology. Esha currently works for Sugar Gamers, a content creation hub and community founded in 2009 by Keisha Howard as a platform for women gamers that has since evolved into a diverse group of trendsetters and aficionados within the worlds of technology, gaming, and the arts. We chat about the power of immersion, how living in VR isn’t THAT far off from how we operate today, and how Grand Theft Auto V helped Esha process and move through her trauma with driving!

Plus: That time Spencer became a tree, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, mixed martial arts, and more!

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