Episode 176: Mass Effect Matters…But Why Tho?

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Mass Effect Matters Episode 176
Mass Effect Matters Episode 176 contains MASSIVE spoilers for the franchise.

This week, we’re celebrating the release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition by diving into why Mass Effect Matters. We talk its history, its controversy, but the most important elements – the impact that this franchise has had on video games, pop culture, and beyond. And we do it all with the help of Josh, founder of Bear Punch Media and host of Massively Affected. As one of Bioware’s most iconic franchises, we talk about the importance of its relationship system, Dialogue Wheel, morality systems in video games, and of course, the Mass Effect 3 ending and the pandora’s box it opened.

If you’re not familiar, Mass Effect is a science fiction media franchise created by Preston Watamaniuk, Drew Karpyshyn and Casey Hudson and owned by Electronic Arts. The first entry in the series is a third-person role-playing shooter video game developed by BioWare (subsequently acquired by EA) and was initially released in 2007. The original trilogy largely revolves around a space navy soldier named Commander Shepard, whose mission is to save the galaxy from a race of powerful mechanical beings known as the Reapers and their agents, including the first game’s antagonist Saren Arterius.

So let’s jump into why Mass Effect Matters.


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