Beyond The Romance – Family Matters in ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’

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Tale of the Nine Tailed

In this episode of Beyond The Romance I chat with YouTuber and avid drama fan Ray Liur about 2020’s Korean drama Tale of The Nine Tailed – also known as Tale of a Gumiho – starring Lee Dong-wook, Kim Bum, Jo Bo-ah, Kim Yong-ji and Hwang Hee.

Set in the present day and Joseon era, the show is an entertaining mix of multiple genres – supernatural, rom-com, and action about a Gumiho Yee Yeon, searching for his long lost love, and since this is a K-drama his path to finding her is far from easy and predictable. As an actor, Lee Don-wook never disappoints whether he’s playing a dramatic and tormented character as in Strangers from Hell, or an ancient being with a humorous and matter-of-fact outlook on life. With his talent of being sardonic and witty, Lee is perfect as Lee Yeon, and while the show is mainly centered around the romance, it’s the relationship between brothers that really captured both mine and Ray’s interest, as well as that of a second couple of Go Yuri and Gusinju played by Hwang Yee and Kim Jong-ji respectively.

The relationship between Lee Yeon and his estranged brother Lee Rang (Kim Bum) was entertaining and engaging as they were constantly caught between their complicated feelings about each other. Kim Bum was impressive as he was always able to keep pace with Lee Dong-wook, and just makes us wish for them to be cast together in another project. I’ll gladly take them as brothers again.

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