PREVIEW: Midnight Massacre from Action Lab Studios

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Midnight Massacre

Blending Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Midnight Massacre is a horror/comedy Action-packed and full of sardonic (or in this case, satanic) wit from Action Lab Studios. Coming from brothers John and Ben Matsuya the series hits shelves June 23, 2021.

Midnight Masaccre’s follows that happens when the corporate executives of a theme park conjure real monsters for their Halloween “Midnight Massacre” spectacular. When all hell breaks loose – literally, it’s up to Amy, a jaded games employee, to buck up and team up with friends to send the hellspawn back from where they came.

Check out the preview pages below and read on as John and Ben Matsuya discuss their work:

“These pages in particular (and the whole comic book, really…) were inspired by my time working as a games attendant at our local amusement park. Growing up, there was always this allure and mystique around those Halloween events. But when I started working there, I saw the costumed characters in the harsh light of day, taking a smoking break, or dropping a Double Double all over the costumes; it’s more comical than scary. I saw how the metaphoric sausage was made and maybe that’s how the butcher shop maze came to be.

Our intention was for Midnight Massacre to really capture a sense of place: from the thrill of rocketing down the tracks in a rollercoaster to the two-hour wait in line with your friends. There is a feeling of kinetic excitement in every page and panel. This section, specifically, really sets the tone for the book: the dynamic energy of the scenes, the goofy jokes and puns, the non-stop pace, the over the top gore, but most importantly the momentum of the story. 

We wanted to set a feeling of place not only in the environment and setting, but also the themes, jokes, and satire we’ve layered into the story. We hope you have a fun ride with us in our debut graphic novel, and that you also see a little of yourself in our characters.”

Midnight Massacre releases wherever comics are sold June 23, 2021 – PRE-ORDER HERE.