Fargo seaon 1 & movie review – Trashed Talk Podcast – Episode 68

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Trashed Talk Podcast reviews the first season of Fargo with comparisons to the classic Coen Brothers film that that two Oscars.  1996’s Fargo is a classic, and its legacy introduced so many film lovers to the Coen Brothers’ unique style of filmmaking. When it was announced FX would be adapting the movie for an anthology series, many were skeptical including me. Hollywood has a history of adapting stand-alone movies to the television format, and more often than not they flop hard.  Fargo season one proved differently, with its unique story that took thematic inspiration from the original movie but did it’s own thing with excellent writing and performances.


Real News and Fake News: Four pieces of news, one of which is fake. Try to guess along with Travis with what’s real and what’s not!

Fargo Review: Austen and Travis break down the first season of Fargo, going over the many reasons why it worked for us, and how it relates to the movie beyond the title.

For us, Fargo did everything the movie did and then some. Being able to expand on the world in what was a pretty simple story, and create something so enthralling without having to rip off the classic is super rare these days. A treat from start to finish with so many likable characters, and the plot kept us engaged from beginning to end. Kino.

Game(S) of the Week: Breath of the Wild & Cyberpunk 2077. Travis goes into what he’s been doing recently in Cyberpunk, and Austen reviews why Breath of the Wild is an instant classic.


Debate segment:

What do we think about Netflix’s Pacific Rim anime trailer?

How much freedom should a director have? Should all Directors get the Snyder Cut treatment? We debate why or why not.  Let us know your opinion!

End of show. 

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