Beyond the Romance Drama Podcast Ep 3: Cinderella and the Four Knights

Reading Time: 2 minutes

 Cinderella and the Four Knights

Hi everyone, thank you so much for listening to my podcast. I took a short break but I’m back! This new episode is special and a bit different to my previous episodes because it’s the first episode of my new Beyond The Romance YouTube Channel, YAY! In this episode I and my guest Laura Sirikul chat about Cinderella and the Four Knights, one of her personal favorite Korean dramas.

Starring Park So-dam as Eun Ha-won a quick-witted and resourceful young woman who’s hired by the aging controlling patriarch of the Kang family to reign in his three grandsons to get them to spend time together. It’s been almost five years since Cinderella and the Four Knights first aired in 2016, but it’s still as entertaining – and a bit frustrating – now, as it was then.

Laura and I shared the parts that annoyed us, as well as made us smile from cuteness. You can watch it on Netflix, and catch the YouTube video of Laura and I, and more recent episodes here, all of which will be added to the podcast channel also.

Cinderella and the Four Knights is currently streaming on Netflix.

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