19 – Practicing Failure in Breath of the Wild with Poet Angbeen Saleem

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angbeen saleem

Angbeen Saleem is a writer, designer, and pattern lover, and this week she joins us on the show to talk failing spectacularly and how games taught her how to write poetry!

Spring has sprung and our backlogs are already piling up! Spencer kicks things off by spotlighting a few under-hyped indie titles that have come out recently: Studio Seufz’s 9,600hr long idle adventure The Longing, Captilight’s charming puzzler Path of Kami, and 4615 Theatre Company’s QTBIPOC-led solar punk visual novel DARK CITY  — the latter two are both free to download on itch.io (but by all means support these indie devs if you’re able)! Meanwhile, Jamie shares the view from her haunted island in Cozy Grove, a charming new life sim that’s like Animal Crossing-meets-Spiritfarer, plus bears.

Then we’re joined by writer, poet, and connector Angbeen Saleem! Angbeen works as a digital communications coordinator for North Star Fund, a social justice org based in New York. We chat about her previous life working in social impact for MTV, how games teach Angbeen to write poetry, and how Breath of the Wild provides a safe space to practice failure– and why that’s something we need.

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Check out Angbeen’s work and writing: https://www.angbeensaleem.com/

Side Quest

The Let Us Breathe Fund is the only NYC-based fund led by and for Black activists organizing around police reform and building Black liberation. Learn more and donate at https://northstarfund.org/

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