Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha Phase 3 Starts Today!

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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC Alpha

Today, Frontier Developments announced the start of the third phase of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC Alpha. The Alpha, accessible since March 29th, is available for Lifetime Expansion Pass owners and players who have pre-ordered the Odyssey Deluxe Alpha expansion pack. The Odyssey Alpha will be updated to include the new content today at 2 pm BST.

The third stage of the Odyssey Alpha continues to expand the playable portion of the galaxy to 50 light-years and moves focus towards exploring undiscovered planets and the Exobiology career path. Additionally, Commanders will finally experience the coveted “First Footfall” moments within the Alpha when they set foot on a previously uncharted planet for the first time.

The Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Community Team released today a new video explaining everything you need to know about the new Exobiology career path:

The list of new features available in the third phase of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC Alpha phase highlighted in the press release include:
First Footfall: a new player experience of setting foot on a newly discovered planet within the Alpha.
New sampling gameplay available thanks to the new Genetic Sampler tool.
Expanded playable area of the galaxy to approximately 50 light-years.
New spacesuit available for purchase: Supratech Artemis explorer suit.
General rebalancing of all available missions and rewards.
*Areas of play and features during the Alpha are subject to change.

A full list of updates can be found on the Elite Dangerous Forums here. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey releases on PC in late spring 2021. Prospective PC Commanders can pre-order now and secure access to the Alpha via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Frontier Store.
Releases on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and the Xbox One all-in-one games and entertainment system are planned for Autumn 2021.


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