18 – The Quest for a Trans Tag on Twitch (plus, Pokémon!) with The_Juliancito

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Hey, y’all! This week we’re so excited to welcome the_juliancito to hang with us in the virtual studio! Juliancito is a queer, trans, Puerto Rican, and Jewish Twitch streamer who is a member of Radically Kind Gamers (a stream team founded by our Episode 1 guest, ZombaeKillz). He has also been a super vocal advocate for the inclusion of a trans tag on Twitch – and why it matters to have one for the trans community that’s separate from the LGBTQIA+ tag that already exists. We’ll let him tell you more about why, as well as about his lifelong love for Pokemon.

Meanwhile, Spencer shares their Theyfriend Review of Red Dead Online, and Jamie talks about Narita Boy and hypes up some cool recent Xbox news! Game Pass looks like it’s creating really interesting opportunities for indie games to get noticed and devs to get their coin. Among the titles coming to the Netflix-like gaming service are Backbone (shoutout to Alex, our Ep 15 guest!), Boyfriend Dungeon, and She Dreams Elsewhere, plus so many more!

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Side Quest

The Deaf Queer Resource Center (DQRC) is a national nonprofit that works to support, inform, empower, and bring more visibility to and awareness about marginalized Deaf LGBTQ communities through events, fundraisers, and advocacy.

Their new website is under development at deafqueer.org, but you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter @deafqueer!

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