Nerds Social Club – Episode 95

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Episode 95, and this week was packed with great content to enjoy. From Falcon and the Winter Soldier, to Mighty Ducks: The Game Changers, and all of the many trailers that filled the week and got our chins wagging.

The lads actually went live on youtube this week, and it went really well. If you want to catch them live next week, make sure to subscribe to: The guys open up as they always do, talking about what they’ve been watching this week. Ped caught binged The Flight Attendant and enjoyed the hell out of it. Aaron watched finished bingeing seasons one through three of Ozark on Netflix and was blown away by how good it was.

The lads also have both been watching For All Mankind on Apple+ and what a show it’s been. Find out why the guys are recommending this as a much watch show.

There were eight new trailers this week, and news that Sony has signed an exclusive deal with Netflix to house their 2022 movie releases. It was a much busier week than expected, but that definitely speaks to optimistic feelings circulating the globe right now as people continue to get vaccinated.

You don’t want to miss episode 95, as the lads really delve into the heart of what happened.

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Black Widow trailer

Loki trailer

Space Jam

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Mortal Kombat Featurette

Jupiter’s Legacy Trailer