Into the Spider-Cast Episode 30: Spider-Man Meets Invincible (2006)

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Spider-Man Meets Invincible

In this episode (which we recorded on CJ’s birthday!), we discuss the 2006 comic “Marvel Team-Up #14: Spider-Man Meets Invincible” in which our favorite wall-crawler meets a superhero from a whole other universe that isn’t in the Marvel Multiverse (namely that of Image Comics). Now that’s a REAL crossover. We discuss what these iconic heroes have in common, how we enjoyed their meetup, and how they each represent their respective comic universes. We also discuss the latest news about the Into the Spider-Verse sequel, Sony striking an exclusive deal with Netflix for streaming cinematic Spider-verse content, and our thoughts on the latest Falcon and Winter Soldier episode.

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Spoiler discussion on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier from 10:43-25:55

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