Nerds Social Club – Episode 93

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Episode 69 - Episode 93

Episode 93, and this week was incredibly quiet after an amazing prior week. It doesn’t take much for Aaron and Ped though, as they scrape all of the weeks news together and deliver it to your ear holes.

Disney this week announced that the Black Widow movie will finally have an official release date, moving one last time from May, to July. Also attached to the announcement was news that the movie will air both in theaters, and on Disney+ Premier. This made both Ped, and Aaron thrilled, hazzah!

With the movement of Black Widow, this also bumped Shang Chi back from July, to September.

There were a few other tidbits this week from the house of mouse. Rumors that a Disney+ Hawkeye spin off show was greenlit, as well as a National Treasure show featuring a new younger cast.

Aaron also sidebars the conversation with a recommendation for Ped, after watching The Last Blockbuster on Netflix. This spiraled into a whole conversation about the fellas nostalgic love of video rental shops, with some amazing anecdotes about the guys past.

Lastly the guys talk about the positive online feedback from Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The cover the potential for the future, and if there’s room for an Ayer Suicide Cut. Also, there’s a new redband The Suicide Squad trailer heading our way very soon!

You don’t want to miss episode 93, as the lads really delve into the heart of what happened.

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