Nerd Social Club – Episode 94

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episode 94

Episode 94, and this week was packed with great content to enjoy. From Falcon and the Winter Soldier to Mighty Ducks: The Game Changers, and then ending the week with Godzilla vs. Kong.

The lads actually went live on youtube this week, and it went really well. If you want to catch them live next week, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. The guys open up as they always do, talking about what they’ve been watching this week. Ped caught the finale of Superstore and absolutely loved it. A great ending to what has been a fantastic show.

Aaron watched The Big Sick which documents part of Kumail Nanjiani’s life during a period after his most recent ex-girlfriend who fell into a coma. A romantic comedy, with a charming twist. One that is highly recommended.

The fellas also dove into the big topics of the week two The Suicide Squad trailers, an episode review of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and diving into their thoughts on Godzilla vs. Kong.

You don’t want to miss episode 94, as the lads really delve into the heart of what happened.

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The Suicide Squad Redband trailer

The Suicide Squad official trailer

Wrath of Man

The Bad Batch

Handmaid’s Tale