17 – Alternative Controls and the Importance of Touch with Designer Amanda Hudgins

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CW/TW: Since this is a space where we hold our pain as well as our joy, we just wanted to note that Spencer takes a moment [3:44 – 9:49] to share some feelings about the recent rise of anti-Asian violence in America, which may be triggering for some. Thanks for being here with us. On a lighter note, Spencer concludes Firewatch (no spoilers) despite being too gay to read a map, and Jamie breaks down the recently released folksy narrative card game, Signs of the Sojourner, where encounters are conversations instead of combat. Also, our incredible Episode 9 guest Sisi Jiang contributed to the narrative design of this game! Omg!

If you’ve made it this far with us, you know we firmly believe video games are art. Our guest this week, Lexington, Kentucky-based alternative controls designer and Unwinnable editor Amanda Hudgins (they/them), enthusiastically agrees. When they’re not pushing the boundaries of the physical forms video games can take and wow-ing crowds at museums and galleries, their day job is at SuperSoul, an indie game studio. We love how Amanda approaches games as a highly tactile experience, and we hope it will TOUCH you as much as it did us. (Sorry lol) 

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Donate to Stop AAPI Hate, an organization collecting data on the recent rise of anti-Asian hate crimes in the US and providing critical community resources: https://stopaapihate.org/

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