“Final Ripple (DIO IS BACK? NOT CLICKBAIT!)” – Is This a JoJo Podcast Ep.9

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Season Finale

This week, the Jojo gang activates the secret abilities of their Requiem Stands! Mckenna invokes the powers of a cursed stand, which will not be named in tangible form for safety reasons, but it does involve Kanye West and Fingers.

The gang begins with Dio’s beautiful head being recovered from the cliffside of his own castle, and we discover “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” is a song by hit 80’s band Wang Chung! Soon after, another hit song reference “Come Sail Away”, by Styx. Jonathan is decided to be aptly dressed for his honeymoon, and the gang fawns over our last episode with such a good boy! The end of Part 1 marks the point where we split into new protagonists in the Joestar Bloodline.

The previous episode had tension high in a “Final Confrontation” between Dio and Jonathan, but in this episode the season finale, the gang decides that we get the true showdown between Jonathan and “Dio in the Jar” (If this doesn’t make sense to you, don’t look into it). We end Part 1 with a prospective look at the future of Dio, Jonathan’s legacy, and what the implications are of a New Jojo at the end of a season.

The gang doubles down on Araki’s writing of women, the foils in his protagonists moving forwards, and his silly writing quirks that will transfer over between parts. The legacy of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as a whole is up for conversation during a Season Finale. Moving forward, the gang shows lots of excitement for a mysterious new protagonist all the way from New York City!

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