SDGC Live 3/18/21 – Square Enix Is Strange

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Square Enix

It was a packed show this week as we had quite a few big topics to hit. John, Justin, CJ and Jeff begin the show talking about what we’ve been playing the past week, including Doom Eternal DLC, Bravely Default 2, and Demon’s Souls on PS5 while CJ takes some time off from games to lavish praise on HBO’s “Vice Principals”.

Next up we quickly discuss what Sony’s acquisition of prominent fighting game tournament Evolution Championship Series (Evo) might mean for the future before turning our sights to the recent Square Enix event.

For the last half of the show we dive into discussing Marvel’s Avengers and its new PS5/Xbox Series updates and some new Life is Strange announcements – including remasters of two games and a brand new sequel coming fall of 2021.
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