Episode 172: Monster Hunter Matters…But Why Tho?

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Monster Hunter Matters

This week to celebrate the release of Monster Hunter Rise we’re devoting episode 172 to talk all about why Monster Hunter matters. In this episode, with the help of Techniq, we dive into this history of Capcom’s best selling property, it’s impact on RPGs, and why it took so long to take off in the United States. Don’t worry, we talk about Monster Hunter World.

If you’re new to talking about why Monster Hunter matters, well it’s because it’s a media franchise centered around a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games that started with the game Monster Hunter for PlayStation 2, released in 2004. Published by Capcom the games are primarily action role-playing and span from handhelds to console. In the game, you take the role of a Hunter, slaying or trapping large monsters across various landscapes as part of quests given to them by locals, with some quests involving the gathering of a certain item or items, which may put the Hunter at risk of facing various monsters.

We also get into the game mechanics that have made the series a fan favorite. Techniq brings us through the  core gameplay loop, intricate crafting systems, and all the ways that monsters are there to grind you into the ground.

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