Wonder Woman 1984 & Soul review – Trashed Talk Podcast – Episode 67

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Wonder Woman

Trashed Talk Podcast indulges their bad habits of watching any superhero movie that comes out with Wonder Woman 1984, and Soul the latest Pixar film set to become an animated classic in this week’s episode.

Wonder Woman 1984 is the latest Hollywood blockbuster to push 3-hour runtimes, and like many before it, WW1984 feels like a bloated mess of ideas thrown together. There are many fun elements to look forward to, Pedro Pascal’s Max Lord for one, but in the end, the plotline ruins any fun it worked so hard to give.  Listen to the episode in full to hear our full breakdown of DC’s latest.

Soul is a tight, sweet story with plenty of charming characters supported by excellent visuals and an inspiring story for all of those who are looking for their spark still.  It’s going to take home Best Animated Film this year, and it frankly deserves it. One of Pixar’s best.

Wonder Woman Land of the Dead is Trashed Talk Podcast’s comic book of the week. A short read, Land of the Dead shows what a unique Wonder Woman story can look like when put in the right hands. Combining greek mythology with fun artwork, if you were looking for something WW1984 took inspiration from (not well though) this is the comic for you. More about this comic at the end of the podcast episode.

Moving Out, the video game from the company that brought us the fun and frustrating Overcooked, is the latest coach co-op game where it’s best to bring some friends along for a stressful, but silly time.

For our At the Movies segment of the show, Austen recommends Better Call Saul, the fantastic prequel to Breaking Bad that dives deep into what made the character Jimmy turn into Saul Goodman. Travis picks Roadkill as his pick of the week.

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